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A Seminar or Workshop for Your Sales Team

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Regardless of the size of your sales team, we can structure the perfect sales training program to boost their sales effectiveness. If you have a large group and would like to train everyone in a single session, we can conduct a training seminar. We have conducted full-day training seminars for as many as 1500 participants. If you would prefer a smaller group setting with role-play and more group discussion & interaction, we can conduct one or more training workshops for your team. Either way, your training program will be customized to meet your training objectives.

Sales Training
Seminar Topics:

  • Selling and delivering value
  • Formulating your value proposition
  • Your personal mission & values statement
  • Aligning your goals with those of your client
  • Establishing a relationship based on trust
  • Partnering with your client
  • Becoming an effective sales consultant
  • The sales consulting process
  • Sales tactics vs. sales strategies
  • Positioning for competitive advantage
  • Managing key accounts
  • Developing a key account strategy
  • Uncovering needs
  • Selling buyer benefits
  • Handling objections
  • Buying signals and selling signals
  • Negotiation styles and relationship negotiating
  • Gaining commitment
  • Managing your sales pipeline
  • Monitoring your attitude and self-image
  • Your sales-goal action plan

We Focus on Your Business

Every sales organization is different, and we always tailor our programs to fit your industry, customer base, selling style and environment. Contact us if you're interested, and Roger Reece will schedule a telephone conference to discuss your sales training needs and the various options we can offer you in terms of content and format. After the call, we will email you a detailed proposal including an outline for the training seminar or workshop we recommend.

Our sales training seminars and workshops cover the full range of selling environments:

sales role play

Basic Selling Skills 101

Many of our clients have made our Basic Selling Skills 101 seminars and workshops an integral part of their training program for new salespeople. Clearly, you are the best resource for product knowledge training, but we can augment your new-sales-rep training program with a course in basic selling skills. Whenever you have six or more new recruits on board, schedule a Basic Selling Skills 101 workshop, and Roger Reece will travel to your location to conduct the training.

Intermediate & Advanced Selling Skills

If you hire seasoned sales reps, you may want to give them more than the basics. We can structure a new-sales-reps training seminar or workshop for skilled salespeople, giving them intermediate to advanced selling skills training, tailored to your industry and sales process. But our basic, intermediate and advanced sales training isn't limited to your new recruits. Your entire sales team will benefit from these workshops, so why not schedule ongoing workshops to advance every member of your team from the basics to advanced selling skills training over a period of time? We can offer you a full range of sales training options.

Major-Account Selling Strategies

Your sales reps who handle major accounts need training focused on penetrating, developing and managing large accounts. We can offer this training as a separate workshop, or as an add-on module that can be included in an intermediate or advanced selling skills seminar or workshop. Give your major-account reps more training in formulating and executing strategies for establishing effective partnerships with major customers.

Selling to Technical Buyers

Technical buyers can be difficult to sell to. They ask tough questions and often resist the sales techniques that work effectively on other prospects. If your salespeople can learn to connect with these buyers, it can increase their sales exponentially. Sometimes technical buyers are the decision makers. In other cases, they are checkpoints in the buying cycle, and must give their approval before a decision can be made. In every case, they are not to be ignored. We can teach your sales team how to effectively communicate with, build relationships with and effectively sell to technical buyers at every level.

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Building Sales Relationships

Relationship Selling is the recurring theme that runs through all our sales training seminars and workshops. The key to effective selling lies in the sales rep's ability to build relationships. We can structure an entire seminar or workshop around Relationship Selling, or make it a module within a more generalized selling skills program. Either way, we will make sure your sales team gets the message and learns the skills to make relationships a primary focus in their sales efforts.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Sales is about interpersonal communication. In order to be an effective communicator, you have to adjust your communication style to the personality of the prospect or customer. We teach your sales reps how to recognize each personality style, and how to effectively connect and make the sale. But our communication training isn't limited to the selling environment. The members of your sales team need to effectively interact with the rest of your organization, and we can help them with interpersonal skills training. Many organizations experience ongoing tension and strife between the sales department and other departments, such as accounting, manufacturing, engineering, customer service and marketing. We can tailor a seminar or workshop for your sales group as well as for the other groups within your organization to bring about greater teamwork and cooperation between departments. Please visit our Interpersonal Communication Workshops website for more information. You will find additional information on our Conflict Management Workshops website.

Consultative Selling Skills

Every sales representative can increase sales by mastering consultative selling techniques. We teach your reps how to build credibility, focus on customer needs, ask the right questions, discover problems and recommend solutions. Every sales rep must overcome the buyer's sales resistance. When the sales rep takes on the role of consultant, the relationship with the customer changes, and sales increase. Include a Consultative Selling module with your intermediate or advanced selling skills workshop or seminar, or make it a separate training class. Consultative Selling is a perfect training module to include as part of your next quarterly or annual sales meeting.

Selling Style Assessments

Multiply the value of this seminar with a DISC Assessment.

DISC Assessments

Every salesperson has his or her own selling style. DISC is a simple model for understanding communication styles and adapting your style to more effectively communicate with others. Our sales assessment is designed to help salespeople effectively adapt their selling styles to fit each selling situation.

Prior to the seminar, each participant completes a survey and receives a 25-page report including:

  • An in-depth analysis of his/her communication and selling style
  • Personalized communication and selling tips based on his/her assessment
  • An action plan for improving his/her effectiveness as a communicator

The personalized reports and group interaction based on the assessments add tremendous depth to the seminar.

For more information about our seminars and workshops with DISC assessments, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

Inside, Outside, Business-to-Business or Retail Sales

We customize every seminar and workshop to fit your business, and whether your reps are inside or outside salespeople, commissioned or salaried employees, B2B or consumer clients, wholesale or retail, we will match the training to your selling environment.

Telephone Sales

Telephone selling requires specialized training, and we can provide workshops and seminars for call-center telephone sales reps, as well as training modules to make any salesperson more effective when selling over the phone.

Time & Territory Management Skills

Every salesperson needs to maximize selling time, and often time & territory management skills can be the real key to increasing sales effectiveness. Please visit our Time Management Workshops website for more information about our time management training programs. Raise the bar on productivity for your sales reps, and give them the skills they need to increase selling time and to reduce the time-wasters that consume valuable time.

Sales Management & Coaching Skills

How effective are your sales managers? Help them to manage their teams more effectively with a sales management & coaching skills workshop or seminar. Many sales managers have risen to their position through the sales ranks, without the benefit of management training. But selling skills are different from management and sales coaching skills. A training program for your sales managers could be the catalyst your sales organization needs to improve sales effectiveness, reduce sales turnover and increase revenue.


Are you planning a sales event? Make it a team-building event by including a team-building workshop. Build the spirit of teamwork within your sales team and add some fun to your sales meeting. We can structure a half-day or full-day team building workshop as a module within your annual sales meeting, or as a standalone event. Our team-building activities are fun and entertaining, and can be integrated with training designed to improve morale and increase team effectiveness. For more information, please visit our Team Building Workshops website.

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