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If you're planning a sales meeting or event, make this your best meeting yet: Invite Roger Reece as your keynote speaker.

presentationYour opening keynote speaker sets the tone for your entire event, so selecting the right speaker is an important step in assuring the success of the overall event. Roger Reece is a high-energy speaker, but he doesn't use hype. His style is down-to-earth, sincere and direct.

He's also passionate about sales. Select him as your opening keynote speaker and he will charge your sales team with vision and enthusiasm that will remain with them throughout the meeting and beyond.

audienceYour closing speaker is another key element to the success of your meeting. You want your sales event to end on a high note - one that will send each sales rep and manager away with a positive attitude and a new sense of purpose. Roger will consult with you to formulate the right message for your team, and then deliver that message in a closing address that will both sum up the essence of your strategy and translate it into practical action steps.

Humor & Motivation

sales presentationHumor and motivation go hand in hand, and Roger's keynotes and after-dinner presentations are filled with both. And if you're interested in adding an extra dose of humor, we can offer you a second motivational speaker at no extra charge: back-woods philosopher Buford P. Fuddwhacker (Roger's alter-ego). Buford will open the session with a flurry of outlandish down-home motivational humor, music and audience participation that is guaranteed to fill the room with laughter and energy. Buford then introduces Roger and actually "morphs" into him onstage. Roger picks up where Buford left off and delivers the heart of the message, referencing Buford's presentation as he goes - and actually bringing to light important lessons hidden in Buford's fun-and-games antics. Buford returns again at the end for a high-energy grand finale of fun & laughter.

The Buford & Roger tag team is a unique combination of over-the-top humor and down-to-earth content that your sales team will never forget. For more info on presentations featuring both Roger and Buford, please visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website at


A Keynote Presentation, A Mini-Workshop & An After-Dinner Program

audience interactionExtend the value of Roger's keynote by adding a productivity or team-building mini-seminar and after-dinner program to your agenda. Roger can tie everything together and add content and cohesiveness to your sales event. A sales-training, time-management or communication workshop is a great way to add valuable skills training to a product kick-off or annual sales meeting. The opening keynote lays the groundwork, and the after-dinner program pulls it all together, while adding fun and content to your awards banquet.


Take Action Now

All you need to do is to contact us via phone or email. We'll email more information to you about our sales presentations, including costs. If you're interested, the next step is a phone call to discuss objectives and options. After the call, you'll receive a detailed outline & plan for Roger's part in your meeting.

Your sales team is one of your company's most valuable resources. Invest in their success. Make your next sales event a landmark motivational experience.

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