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Sales Training and Your Bottom Line

There are two actions you can take to improve your bottom line: reduce expenses and increase revenue. Only one of these actions results in real business growth. We can help you grow your business by training your sales team to increase your top and bottom lines. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced sales training for outside and inside sales teams, and we customize our seminars and workshops to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are interested in a one-time training session or an ongoing sales training program, we can offer you the perfect solution for increasing your sales and dramatically improving your bottom line.

Product Knowledge is Not Enough

basic and advanced training

Most companies do a fairly good job in training their sales people in product knowledge. But products and services must be sold, and that takes more than product knowledge. If you hire first-time sales people, they clearly need to learn the art and science of selling. They need to learn to create interest, build value, ask key questions, focus on buyer benefits, handle objections and close. But even if you hire seasoned salespeople, you can't assume that the sales knowledge they brought with them is enough. Even veteran salespeople need ongoing sales training in order to grow and stay focused on key sales objectives, methodologies and techniques. Every day, the members of your sales team are interacting with customers and prospects in order to sell your products and services. Your investment in improving their selling skills will improve the results of every sales call and interaction.

Perceived Benefits and the Value Equation

Effective salespeople know how to sell value. The value equation is simple: Value = Perceived Benefits Divided By Cost. There are only two ways your salespeople can sell the value of your products and services: either focus on perceived benefits or focus on cost. We teach them how to build value by increasing perceived benefits. The best salespeople understand that selling is all about tuning in to and changing the customer's perception, and that the art & science of selling is centered on increasing perceived value. This may seem obvious, but if you really listen to the interactions between your salespeople and their customers and prospects, you'll quickly see why they need sales training. In order to really change customer perception, salespeople must:

The Value Equation
  • Build strong sales relationships
  • Build credibility as professional sales consultants
  • Ask the right questions
  • Practice active listening
  • Focus on the customer's needs & interests
  • Uncover problems
  • Present high-value solutions
  • Overcome objections
  • Help customers make decisions
  • Build customer loyalty

Our sales training seminars and workshops are designed to help each member of your sales team master the art and science of selling value, changing customer perception and building repeat business through strong sales relationships and customer loyalty.

Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling and sales consulting

Relationships are the key to success in sales. Many salespeople have strong selling skills, but continually lose to competitors because of a failure to establish real relationships with their prospects. They have the right product or service, the right opportunity and the right price, but they lose to the competitor with the strongest relationship. Our seminars and workshops focus on Relationship Selling: increasing sales by building sales relationships. Some sales training programs teach techniques that come off like trickery and manipulation. We will teach your salespeople how to close sales, but not at the expense of customer trust and respect. We teach your salespeople how to become highly competent sales consultants.

Consultative Selling

The truly effective salesperson is a consultant who has the expertise and credibility to advise customers on important buying decisions. We provide training in consultative selling techniques that can transform your sales force into a team of highly effective sales consultants. These proven techniques can increase the performance of any sales organization, regardless of the nature of the product or service offered.

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Customized In-House Training for Your Sales Team

We don't offer generic public seminars for individuals. All our seminars and workshops are customized, in-house training programs, focused on the needs of a specific sales organization. We can offer you a standalone training program, or we can fit a training workshop into your next sales meeting. We can also motivate your sales force with a high-energy opening or closing keynote presentation, or a team-building workshop.

Contact us today and learn how you can improve your bottom line by training your sales team.

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